Our NATA accredited legal paternity DNA tests are approved for legal purposes such as family law cases and are accepted by Births, Deaths and Marriages for changing birth certificates.

Parentage testing can be performed if there is a biological relationship between a child and a potential parent. Paternity testing specifically seeks to determine if a father-child relationship exists. This is achieved by looking for matches in genetic markers between individuals to determine how likely it is that a parent-child relationship exists.

In certain situations, there may be a legal requirement to have these tests performed. Genomic Diagnostics is accredited to provide results for child support, child protection and custody investigations along with other legal situations.

There is no need to get a referral from your doctor for this test.  You can simply Order Online today or call us for more information on 1800 822 999.

What Genomic Diagnostics offers

All-in-one pricing, no collection fees or hidden extras. Pricing for mother/father/child is $575. Extra children or fathers are $200. Now with added flexibility of the option of Latitude Pay.

Local testing with fast turn-around times - results to you within 10 business days from receiving all samples in our laboratory.

Highly skilled local Customer Care team who take the time to listen and determine the best solution for you. We are also very discrete and understand your needs.

Experience in our testing – we have been performing Parentage testing for 20+ years.

Team of qualified scientists providing accurate results you can trust.

National accreditation through NATA , ensuring high quality services - and meeting Australian standards for testing.

How do I take a Legal Paternity Test?

1. Download the Application Form, complete and return to our Customer Care team

Download and complete the Application Form for legal paternity testing. Make payment online here, or alternatively, complete the payment details on the Application Form. If you pay online please record your receipt number on the Application Form.  Return the completed form to our Customer Care team via email or post (details available on the Application Form).

2. Our Customer Care team will contact you regarding the next steps​

Our Customer Care team will assign a case number to you and send you a letter and further details regarding the next steps. If you have supplied an email address on your Application Form these will be sent via email. To fulfill legal requirements, you will need to attend a Healius Pathology network collection centre to have your mouth swab sample collected. You will be advised of the centre you will need to attend. There is NO extra charge for this service.

3. Have your sample/s collected

Attend the specified collection centre. Ensure you take with you the completed Form 2 – Affidavit as sent to you, signed on the morning you have your samples collected by a Justice of the Peace, as well as the your appointment letter. The collection kit and other information is sent directly to the centre you will be attending.


4. Receive your results​

We will send you the reports within 10 business days of receiving the samples. If you have included an email address on your Application Form the results will be sent by email, otherwise they will be sent by mail.  If you are receiving them by mail please allow extra time for delivery by Australia Post.

Frequently Asked Questions

The point of a DNA parentage test is to find out who the biological parent of the child is. The most common parentage test is the paternity test, which is normally taken by men looking to establish whether they are a child’s father.

Choose the Legal Paternity Test option when you:

  • Need a report for Court Proceedings
  • Need a report for Birth, Deaths and Marriages
  • Need a report for other Legal purposes
You require a Non-Legal (Peace of Mind) Paternity Test only if you want to:
  • Confirm the child is yours
  • Resolve doubts regarding paternity

For paternity and relationship testing of any kind, the most accurate result possible is always obtained when we have samples from all parties in the biological relationship. In the case of a paternity test, this would mean a sample from the mother, the alleged father and the child. It is also possible to conduct a paternity test using samples from the alleged father and child only.

Testing both parents will provide a more accurate result. The mother’s sample provides more genetic information for the case and with that information we can more accurately determine the father’s genetic contribution. We can still perform testing without the mother, however the paternity index will be lower, but this won’t change the overall outcome of the test (included or excluded father).

We’ll normally ask you for:

  • The biological relationship you are trying to establish, i.e. “Am I the father?”.
  • The name, age and sex of each person giving a sample.
  • The availability for testing of the family members.
  • Contact details on a completed application form.

In really complex cases we may ask for a few more details, or for additional family members to provide a sample.

All information and DNA test results are strictly confidential. Reports will only be issued to the person who signed the sample application form and their authorized representatives.

If the genetic profile between the alleged father and the child does not match, then it is 100% certain that the alleged father is not the biological father. If the profiles match, there will be at least 99.9% certainty that the alleged father is the biological father.

Consent can be provided for children less than 18 years of age or people with mental disabilities  by whomever has guardianship.

Parentage testing uses genetic markers found in DNA. All individuals have two copies of each of these markers, one from their biological mother and one from their biological father. When determining parentage, we compare these markers in the tested individuals to see if they match between the child and the potential parent.

Latitude Pay allows you to spread your payments over 10 weekly payments at no extra cost. Simply choose the Latitude Pay option when paying for your Legal Paternity test. The first time you use it you will need to sign up for an account with ID and a credit card.

For payments over $1,000 you will need to sign up to Latitude Pay Plus.

Further information can be found here.

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