Prenatal Paternity Testing (Non-Invasive) is performed to determine if a biological father/unborn child relationship exists.

Prenatal paternity testing (Non-Invasive) is used to determine whether a potential father is the biological father of a baby, before it is born. It involves a simple blood test to compare the baby’s DNA, circulating in the mother’s blood, to that of the potential father.

The test is performed by analysing thousands of genetic markers, making it highly accurate, while avoiding the need for an invasive procedure, making it low risk for the mother and baby,

Prenatal Paternity Testing (Non-Invasive) can be used from 7 weeks of pregnancy, and does not require a request form from your doctor.

What Genomic Diagnostics offers

No hidden extras. One price of $1599 covers everything including collection and transport.

Fast results: 7 – 12 days from the sample arriving at the laboratory.

Simple and safe: an easy, non invasive, blood test poses no risk to your baby. No need to see your doctor, just download the application form from our website.

Convenient: attend one of over 2000 Healius Pathology network collection centres nationwide when you are ready - no waiting for a kit (up to 2 weeks). Collect from 7 weeks, although 10 weeks optimal.

Highly skilled local Customer Care: We take the time to listen and provide assistance, and are discrete and sensitive to your needs.

Accurate: the test looks at >5,000 genetic markers, to provide an accuracy of >99.99%.

How do I have a Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive)?

To do this test, we need a blood sample from the mother and the potential father(s).

1. Organise your Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive)

  • Call our Customer Care team on 1800 822 999.
  • Discuss with them the location of the most convenient collection centre to visit. Standard collection days are Monday – Wednesday.
  • Download the Application form, complete and print.
  • The mother must be at least 7 weeks pregnant to have the test.
  • Pay for your test here.

2. Attend collection centre

  • Download, complete and print your COVID-19 Infection Control Agreement the morning you attend the collection centre arranged with the Customer Care team.
  • Download the collection instructions.
  • Take all completed, printed forms.
  • The Application form must include your receipt number.
  • One blood tube from the mother and one blood tube from the potential father will be collected.
  • If the potential father wishes to attend a different site or on a different day this is acceptable. Collection must occur within 3 weeks of each other. Separate forms will be required.

3. Receive your results by e-mail

  • Your results will be returned by email approximately 7 – 12 days after your sample reaches the laboratory.
  • Results will be returned to all parties who provided an email address on the application form.

How does the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) work?

Our genetic information is found in our DNA. Fragments of DNA, called cell free DNA, are found in our blood. During pregnancy, the mother’s blood contains her cell free DNA as well as cell free DNA from the unborn baby. By sampling the mother’s blood, we can test the baby’s DNA.

The baby’s mother’s and potential father’s DNA are all tested for a set of genetic markers (known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs for short) to look for which ones are shared, in order to determine whether there is a biological relationship between the potential father and the unborn baby.

What Do My Results Look Like?

Your report will come back with a conclusion stating whether or not the father tested is the biological father of your unborn baby. It also provides details on how that conclusion was reached.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason to have a Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) is to find out who the biological father of the baby is before they are born.

For a Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive), we need the mother’s blood – to test both her genetic markers and the unborn baby’s genetic markers, plus the potential father’s blood to see if his genetic markers match.

If the genetic profile between the potential father and the child does not match, then it is 100% certain that the potential father is not the biological father. If the profiles match, there will be at least 99.999999% certainty that the potential father is the biological father.

Non-invasive testing involves a simple blood draw from the mother and potential father. It avoids the need for an invasive procedure such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), making it low risk for the mother and baby.

We’ll normally ask you for:

  • The name, age and sex of each person giving a sample.
  • The ethnicity of each person as this affects the genetic markers used in testing
  • Email addresses for all people who would like a copy of the report.
  • If the mother has had an pregnancies or terminations within the last year.

All information and DNA test results are strictly confidential. Reports will only be issued to the person (mother) who signed the sample application form and any potential fathers who have provided their email addresses.

As the baby develops, the amount of its DNA in the mother’s circulation increases.

It has been determined that technology can detect enough of the baby’s DNA from 7 weeks, although 10 weeks is the optimal time.

Before 7 weeks there is not enough of the baby’s DNA in the mother’s circulation to give an accurate result.

The results of the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) cannot be used in a court of law.

If you require paternity testing for legal purposes, you will need to wait until your baby is born and then undertake a Legal Paternity Test.

Yes, the father can attend a different centre to be tested at a convenient time. He will need to provide an Application Form which includes the mother’s details as well as his COVID-19 Infection Control Agreement. It is essential the receipt number is written on the Application form.

He does need to provide a sample within 3 weeks of the mother providing hers.


The cost of the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) is $1599. This includes collection and transport and all tubes used for sampling.

Yes, there is an express option for Prenatal Paternity Testing (Non-Invasive). You can choose to receive your results in 5 – 6 days of receipt of sample at laboratory. This will cost an additional $420.

Yes, if you would like to have more than one potential father tested you can. There is an additional cost for each extra person. This cost is $575.

Each person getting tested will need to fill in a COVID-19 Infection Control Agreement.

If the two potential fathers are related you will need to let us know.

Your sample will routinely take 7 – 12 days to provide your results once all samples reach the laboratory. If there is additional testing required we will email you during this period to let you know of the delay.

With the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) from Genomic Diagnsotics, there is no need to wait for a kit in the mail.

We have all our tubes needed to take your blood at any one of our 2,000 Healius Pathology collection centres nationwide, so all you need to do is download the forms, pay online, call us to confirm which centre you would like to go to and when, and then turn up.


You can have your blood collected at any of the 2000 Healius Pathology collection centres nationwide.

The Healius Pathology collection centres have different branding in different states. They are:

Abbott Pathology – South Australia

Dorevitch Pathology – Victoria and Albury region

Laverty Pathology – New South Wales

QML Pathology – Queensland and northern NSW

TML Pathology – Tasmania

WDP Pathology – Western Australia and Northern Territory

Due to the severe situation of the pandemic novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the World Health Organisation (WHO) has provided specific guidelines on collections of human samples of blood and other bodily fluids to protect the workers who deal with them.

Yes, the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) is an extremely reliable test. It has a combined probability of exclusion (CPE) of >99.999999%, which means there is <1 in 100 million of calling a man the father when he isn’t.

Genomic Diagnostics has a partnership with BGI Health (AU) Company Pty Ltd to undertake Prenatal Paternity Testing (Non-Invasive). Your samples and request form will be sent to the BGI Health laboratory in Hong Kong for testing.

Pricing, Terms and Conditions

Standard Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) cost: $1599.

No additional collection fees unless you attend a centre that is not a Healius Pathology network collection centre.
Optional costs:
  • Express service, additional $420.00. (Turn around time 5 -6 days from receipt at lab).
  • Additional potential father, extra $565.00.
  1. If the client has paid but no samples have been collected, and the client no longer wishes to be tested, 100% of the money paid will be refunded.
  2. If the client has paid, samples have been collected, and the client no longer wishes testing to occur, and testing has not started, only 50% of the money paid will be refunded.
  3. If there is problems with the testing and a recollection is required and the client no longer wishes testing to occur, a 50% refund will be provided.
  4. If clients wish to terminate the case once the testing has been started by the laboratory the full fee will be charged.
  5. If the Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) is an express case and the report is not issued until 7 or more days following receipt at the laboratory, then 100% of the express case fee will be refunded.

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