Starting August 1, 2024, our NIPT pricing will be updated to $455 for NIPT Generation, $525 for NIPT Generation 46, with NIPT Generation Plus remaining at $799.

Genomic Diagnostics is the nationally coordinated genetic testing service for Healius Pathology Pty Ltd.

Genomic Diagnostics was the first national genomic testing service to be established in Australia. It was created to provide consistent clinical oversight, quality, and access to expertise across the country.

We are a trusted testing partner for large teaching hospitals, federal and state government departments, and private practices all around Australia. They trust us because we listen to their needs, meet the highest quality and regulatory standards, and take pride in our meticulous scientific approach.

Our medical and scientific team includes some of the most experienced geneticists in the country who have leadership roles in peak professional bodies. We focus on responsible implementation of cutting edge technological innovations, continuously improving our test offerings to bring you new and clinically relevant genetic tests which improve patient outcomes.

Genomic Diagnostics is proudly part of the Healius Pathology network, one of the largest providers of pathology services in the country, providing one in three pathology tests performed in the Australia.

Why Genomic Diagnostics?

We’re one of Australia’s longest running specialist DNA testing laboratories

We bring you depth of knowledge and many firsts. We’ve been the first organisation to introduce advances such as PCR testing, next generation sequencing, and national coordination to private pathology. When you choose us, you’re choosing a trusted and experienced testing provider.


We care for you when you need us most. That’s why we make testing as easy as possible, and provide you with a large footprint of collection centres. You can access us through any of the Healius Pathology network of laboratories across Australia, such as Abbott Pathology, Dorevitch Pathology, Laverty Pathology, QML Pathology, Western Diagnostic Pathology and TML Pathology. Wherever you are, we’re right there with you.

Quality and accreditation

Our laboratory has held continuous accreditation to all relevant medical and forensic testing standards. You can rely on us to provide you with quality results and testing advice.

We understand privacy, security, and timeliness

Our patients’ privacy and autonomy is important to us. Our labs are located in Australia, and your data stays here. We do not provide your data to any external organisations. We also understand that your results are important to you and aim to provide you with the fastest turnaround times.

Depth of experience

Genetic testing is specialised and complex, so our laboratories are state of the art and purpose built. They are operated and led by a team of dedicated clinical scientists and pathologists who care about what they do and have spent years becoming experts in their fields. Many of them are involved in teaching and training, and are active in peak professional bodies.

Friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care team

Our customer care team specialise in taking enquiries for both medical genetic testing and non-medical paternity and immigration work. With extensive experience in the field, they’re on hand to provide you with the right advice, or direct your enquiry, based on your own circumstances and requirements.

You can email us on [email protected] or alternatively, call us on 1800 822 999.

Partnering with us

Genomic Diagnostics is proud to have many established partnerships, clinical and laboratory collaborations as well as commercial agreements with renowned institutions and companies worldwide. For more information on partnering with Genomic Diagnostics contact us here.

Expanding our menu

Genomic Diagnostics is always interested in knowing what additional genomic tests would be useful to you and your patients. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your suggestions with one of our clinical genomics experts.

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