Genetic testing is a complex and expanding field. We have put together some brief information to help you understand more about your body’s genetic make-up and the testing we do.

Testing where it relates to your health should be discussed with your doctor, they are best placed to understand the full picture of your health.

Genetic testing FAQ

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and is present in every cell in your body. Put simply, it’s your genetic blueprint and it determines the structure and the function of every component in your body, including your eye and hair colour, your height and even your likelihood of developing certain diseases. With the exception of identical twins, everyone’s DNA is unique. Half of your DNA is inherited from your mother and the other half from your father.

Medical DNA testing can help to diagnose and classify conditions at a DNA level. It can also sometimes determine whether some treatments are likely to be effective or not, or whether a different dose should be considered. It can also determine the future risk of disease. 

Non-medical forensic and relationship DNA testing can be used to tell whether there is a genetic relationship between individuals. As such, it can be used to:

  • determine a child’s parent(s)
  • find out whether twins are identical or non-identical
  • provide forensic information at the scene of a crime
  • help with family reunions
  • resolve disputed estates and settle wills

It’s remarkably simple – and completely painless. We have a few different ways to collect DNA.

Medical tests requested through your doctor are no different from other pathology tests, although some genetic tests may require specialised consent. DNA can be collected like any other blood test by our network of laboratories like any other blood test, or sometimes, by using a mouth swab.

It depends on the test.

Some medical tests can have reports issued in as little as a one day. Other routine tests have 5-10 working days as the normal turnaround time, although results for urgent cases can generally be expedited. Some complex and non-urgent tests can take up to a month.

For most non-medical tests we guarantee you will receive an emailed report in less than 10 working days from when all samples are received at the laboratory. You can ask us about the turnaround time for a specific test by email, or when your sample is collected.

Fasting is not required prior to testing and testing can be performed at any time of the day. However you should avoid vigorous exercise (e.g. gym workout or running) immediately prior to collection.

There is no need to make an appointment for your blood test. The only exception for this is when a collection for a legal DNA test is required.

Please note that Generation Plus is only collected on a Monday and Tuesday and there may be reduced collection days for all NIPT Generation testing over the Christmas – New Year period. Check with your local laboratory for exact dates.

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