Inherited genetic changes can increase an individual's chance of developing breast, ovarian and other cancers.

Most cases of breast and ovarian cancer happen by chance. However in some situations, individuals can have harmful changes (called pathogenic variants) in specific genes that convey an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers. These pathogenic variants are inherited (passed from parent to child) and can be detected by genomic testing. A strong family history of breast, ovarian and/or colorectal cancers may suggest pathogenic familial variants.

Genetic counselling is required by our national accreditation body for this test because the result can have important medical and psychological implications for both you and your family. This counselling can be performed by a qualified genetic counsellor or a medical specialist.

Your request for testing may come from either a general practitioner or a medical specialist, we accept both. To facilitate your testing in the shortest possible time, please follow the correct requesting pathway.

Breast & Ovarian Cancer Screening

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