Starting August 1, 2024, our NIPT pricing will be updated to $455 for NIPT Generation, $525 for NIPT Generation 46, with NIPT Generation Plus remaining at $799.

Online, PDF Test Request Forms

Fast and Convenient support for medical practitioners offering telehealth consultations.​

STEP 1: Practitioner selects state in Resources section (below).

STEP 2: Practitioner downloads the appropriate Interactive Test request form to computer desktop or device.

STEP 3: Practitioner opens form in Adobe Reader, completes form, saves and sends to patient.

STEP 4: Patient must have a copy of the request form visible on their device when they attend a collection centre. This form must also be emailed to [email protected] with their name in the subject heading and the receipt number in the body of the email.

STEP 5: Patient attends local Healius Pathology collection centre.


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