Starting August 1, 2024, our NIPT pricing will be updated to $455 for NIPT Generation, $525 for NIPT Generation 46, with NIPT Generation Plus remaining at $799.

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Medical genetic and genomic testing, also known as genetic pathology, is now a routine part of the testing landscape in clinical practice. Genetic pathology is a dynamic field with interest around available tests, their appropriate use, benefits and limitations. Newer tests can have evolving applications and clinical guidelines, necessitating ongoing engagement and education from practitioners. Genetic testing can touch on all disciplines of medicine, although most commonly testing involves the areas of Reproductive Health, Oncology, Pharmacogenomics, Inherited Disorders and Neonatal/Paediatric Genetics.

Some genetic and genomic tests are best provided with genetic counselling before or after testing. To support our referrers, we offer genetic counselling as a part of the testing pathway in specific clinical situations. Please click here for more information.

Medical Genetic Tests

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