Our genetic testing in Oncology covers investigations for a range of malignancies in both sporadic and familial cancer settings.

Most cancers are sporadic, but some families may have an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer through the inheritance of genetic variants (mutations) in certain genes.


Oncology testing
Sporadic Cancer

Sporadic cancer has conventionally been classified by microscopic examination of tissues and the cell subtypes involved. Increasingly, solid and haematological tumours are now also categorised according to molecular criteria, or changes in their DNA. 

This has important implications because results of molecular tumour testing can determine eligibility for certain treatments, with most common examples including various leukaemias, NSCLC, colorectal cancer and melanoma. Testing and treating tumours in this way is also known as precision medicine.

Familial Cancer

Familial cancer arises through the inheritance of pathogenic variants (mutations) in certain families, Depending on the genes involved, these families may have an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. 

Testing for these variants can determine whether your patient might be at increased risk of developing cancer and suggest an appropriate prevention or surveillance strategy.

Genomic Diagnostics is NATA accredited for the full range of oncology genetic tests, including familial cancer susceptibility testing, and somatic testing of solid and haematological malignancies for therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic purposes.

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